Review: Nusantara Coffee Scrub

Hi everyone. Today I would like to share with you guys my experience of using Nusantara Coffee Scrub. I'm sure many of us ladies would scrub our face and body at least once a week. Have you heard and tried Coffee Scrub? I love to described myself as coffee addict and I feel soooo excited when I found this coffee scrub.

The only brand  that I've been using for almost three months until now  is NUSANTARA COFFEE SCRUB. I've been searching coffee scrub through Instagram and I found this brand at a very reasonable price. It has two types of packaging; 100gram and 200gram. I bought the 200gram and as for my usage (1-3 times per week), it last up to two months. The price for 200gram was around RM 28 (not include the postage charge)  at that time. Very cheap right? Student also can buy! hehe

This was my first try. What I can say is the coffee scrub is 100% organic which made of coffee ground, brown sugar and extra virgin oil. The smell of the coffee is sooo good while the brown sugar is suitable for my sensitive skin as it doesn't irritate my skin compared to salt based scrub. However, the texture of the coffee ground is a lil bit dry and might feel uncomfortable when it touches the skin unless you applied it slowly and smoothly with circular motion until it mix well. I really love it! My skin feels so smooth after rinsing and feel moisturized due to the benefit of evo in the scrub mixture. This coffee scrub really did a good job in exfoliating the dry skin/dead skin cells and make your skin looks even and brighter.

I personally love this brand and I did repeat the purchase but for the 2nd time, I tried the new ICED MOCHA SCRUB.


Basically the basic function is still the same but it got additional ingredients; cocoa and peppermint. The cocoa leaves the smell of mocha coffee and many of us know that cocoa is one of the best sources of antioxidant. It helps in slowing down the aging process and leaves your skin smooth! The peppermint will give you a cooling and calming effect on your skin. I bought this 100gram ICED MOCHA SCRUB at introductory price, RM 16 (not include postage charge). Normal price might be around RM 20.

Between these two, I would prefer the ICED MOCHA SCRUB and what about you guys? Would you like to try this brand or DIY at home? Mind to share your experience and leave your comments down below :)

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